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“…..stunning drawings of undulating, Rube Goldbergian organo-systems”

“…. suggests botanical illustration by way of Hieronymus Bosch.”

“...delicately drawn...”

“…a latticework of tender, multicolored living parts (testicles?), some leather-clad and stretched taut by hooks,” that evokes “Dr. Seuss as much as de Sade.”

“The curators here have researched widely and made inspired, even unusual choices. >Among the many finds are Ruth Waldman…”

“The most striking work ….was an untitled drawing by Ruth Waldman….an elaborate S & M trapeze act rendered by the stylistic progeny of Dr. Seuss and Hieronymus Bosch.”

“Ruth Waldman….is interested in the tension between opposite forces that holds society together like an atom. She illustrates this concept in exquisitely detailed colored pencil drawings of fanciful, Seussian creatures dangling in complex networks, entwined by their loose limbs.”

“…..Rococo extravaganza…..”



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